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New Quadrant’s new release delayed due to the virus.

Eric van der Westen’s New Quadrant’s new album was supposed to be recorded during May and June 2020 but due to the Corona Crisis it’s been impossible to be together in the recording studio without violating the strict regulations. This causes the dates for the presentation concerts to be switched to October 2021.

The vinyl album will contain Van Der Westen originals plus a cover of one of his favorite J.J. Cale tracks: Magnolia. Being a sucker for melancholy and sweet melodies there’ll be plenty of music to dream away with since the absence of drums will give the band a very open musical character. Yannick Hiwat is his violinist, Efe Erdem his trombonist, well known from his work with Private Time Machine as is Joël Botma; the trumpet player. Last but not least his good old friend and co-Pastis- lover Homey guitarist Aron Raams.

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