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Eric van der Westen/ Aron Raams/ Koen Smits
Private Time Machine Live on Jazz In Duketown
Tales Of A Traveller -Documentary on Eric by Rene Wouters
Martin Fondse Orchestra Vrije Geluiden 2017
Martin Fondse Orchestra Vrije Geluiden 2017-2
A Traveller’s Tale Duo Paradox Tilburg
Summer Hummer ASQ feat. Peter Erskine
A Traveller’s Tale: What I Was Saying
A Traveller’s Tale: April In Green And Yellow
EW’s Secret Life Ensemble Paradox 2014
Sezen Aksu Royal Albert Hall 2013 Vay with Basssolo Eric
Martin Fondse & Lenine @ Rock In Rio
Martin Fondse Starvinsky Orchestar Primer Dark
Paul Van Kemenade Quintet Namaqualand in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso
Ringbaan 2010 Arts Project Celebrating 100 years Rückert Tilburg Netherlands
Paul van Kemenade Classic Quintet 2017