Eric van der Westen's Private Time Machine: Us-Min(G)-Us


This large jazz-funk-rock ensemble released its 1st double album “One” in 2019. The powerful band with it’s electric rhythm section, 5-piece horn section and MC/poetry has made a big impression so far. If you like Blood, Sweat And Tears, New Cool Collective and Martin Fondse’s Groove Troopers there’s a good chance you’ll love this music too. Though it’s rougher around the edges and slightly more based on 70’s different music phenomena it has a distinct own voice and style.
But now Private Time Machine tackles a new vocabulary: the music of the great jazz bassist and composer Charles Mingus: without a doubt one of the most colorful jazz icons of the 20th century. Mingus challenged everything everywhere anytime. His social engagement was legendary and his struggle for equal rights and against social injustice was a constant factor throughout his life. Eric van der Westen has taken exactly that element of his music and refurbished it for the project Us-Min(G)-Us. The questions and issues Mingus stated in his works are as urgent now as they were when Mingus wrote the pieces concerned. Black Live Matters is something straight out of the Civil Rights Movement of the 20th century. Who would think that humanity has become better or wiser with the passing of the decades since Mingus wrote his music must seriously rethinkĀ  his state of mind.
The pieces that are reworked for Private Time Machine are: Free Cell Block F ’tis Nazi USA, Remember Rockefeller at Attica, Jump Monk, Fables Of Faubus, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, Farewell Farwell, Haitian Fight Song & Better Get Hit In Your Soul.

The project’s album will be released on September 9 2023 in Paradox Tilburg The Netherlands.